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Cyber Alert: Please be aware that there is a significant risk posed by cyber fraud, specifically relating to email accounts and bank details.

Our details:

  • Our bank details will never change during the course of a transaction.
  • We will never notify you of any changes by email.
  • Please check account details with us in person or by telephone.
  • If you receive an email that purports to come from us with different bank details or a change to bank details please notify us immediately. We will not accept responsibility if you transfer money into an incorrect account.

    Sending money to us:

  • Before transferring any money to us electronically please telephone us and speak to the person dealing with your matter to verify our bank details.
  • Please use the telephone number which you will have been provided with when you first contacted us or in our client care letter.
  • Our office number will not change at any point during your transaction.
  • We will never notify you of a number change by email.

    Sending payments to you:

  • Bank details must be provided in writing or in person.
  • We do not accept bank details be email unless those details are verified by a telephone call.
  • Account details will be checked with you again prior to any transfer being made.