Running Your Organisation

We offer a range of continued support, including:

Charity Trading

Does your organisation need to raise funds but is confused by the rules and regulations that surround trading activities?

We can provide you with advice on your trading activities and the most appropriate way to undertake these. We will then implement the appropriate structure to help your raise funds.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We understand that organisations are forced to merge in order to secure funding contracts and gain economies of scale. We can manage this process from start to finish including:

  • A review of the proposed merger and the organisations
  • Support with any Trust Deed or Charity Commission requirements
  • Guidance with any employment issues
  • Conducting the merger and working with the new Board to ensure that everything runs smoothly

We can help you in any property transaction including:

  • Buying or leasing your premises
  • Subletting or sharing occupation of your premises
  • Rent Reviews for your premises

We provide a comprehensive HR service including:

  • Drafting adverts for positions including your personal specification
  • Drafting your employee and director contracts
  • Creating your internal policies and procedures
  • Continuing advice with your employment procedures
  • Training tailored to your organisation
  • Negotiation and drafting Compromise Agreements
  • TUPE consideration for mergers and acquisitions